Writer Feature: Owen Sheers

Owen Sheers has to have one of the most illustrious – and the most diverse – resumes of any contemporary writer from Wales. A former rugby player, hailing from Abergavenny, Sheers is the first writer ever to have held the position of Artist in Residence for the Welsh Rugby Union, in 2012. This achievement however…… Continue reading Writer Feature: Owen Sheers

Interview with clare e. potter

clare e. potter is a poet, playwright, collaborator and educator, originally harking from Blackwood, South Wales. She taught and lived for several years in New Orleans, where she was a consultant for the New Orleans Writing Project. Her collection, ‘spilling histories’ (Cinnamon, 2006), is based around the Hurricane Katrina disaster. These days clare lives and…… Continue reading Interview with clare e. potter

Tŷ Celf – Promoting New Writing in Wales

              ‘Tŷ Celf’. In Welsh, the phrase (pronounced ‘tee-celv’) means ‘Art House’, or ‘house of art’. It is only fitting therefore that it serves as the name for Tŷ Celf, Cardiff Student Media’s latest creative magazine. Showcasing a wide array of creative endeavours, Tŷ Celf adheres to a clean,…… Continue reading Tŷ Celf – Promoting New Writing in Wales

Robin Reeves and the New Welsh Review

Today, The New Welsh Review is renowned as Wales’s most prestigious literary magazine. Yet its transformation into this admired publication would not have been possible without a figure of equally prestigious standing – Robin Reeves. A lifelong journalist and long term supporter of the Welsh Writers Trust, Reeves gained cultural prominence on the Welsh arts…… Continue reading Robin Reeves and the New Welsh Review