Writer Feature – Shelagh Weeks

Shelagh is a Lecturer in Creative Writing at Cardiff University and the author of Up Close and her more recent novel, Washing the Dead. Shelagh also won a 2008 Cinnamon Press Writing Award for her short story ‘Mint Sauce’. We spoke to Shelagh about her influences, interests, and teaching creative writing at degree level. Your…… Continue reading Writer Feature – Shelagh Weeks

Celebrating Seren Books

Based in Bridgend, Seren is an independent literary publisher which specialises in English-language writing from Wales. It was founded by Cary Archard, a then-English teacher from Bridgend, to publish the works of Poetry Wales from his kitchen table. The press briefly moved to Dannie Abse’s garage and also endured a brief stint in an abattoir…… Continue reading Celebrating Seren Books

Tŷ Celf – Promoting New Writing in Wales

              ‘Tŷ Celf’. In Welsh, the phrase (pronounced ‘tee-celv’) means ‘Art House’, or ‘house of art’. It is only fitting therefore that it serves as the name for Tŷ Celf, Cardiff Student Media’s latest creative magazine. Showcasing a wide array of creative endeavours, Tŷ Celf adheres to a clean,…… Continue reading Tŷ Celf – Promoting New Writing in Wales

Writing Talent from Cardiff University

Cardiff University’s MA programme is the oldest of its kind in the UK and one of the most impressive in the country. Designed for both experienced and inexperienced writers, it places great emphasis on helping its students produce work of the finest quality possible. The course is also notable for the high calibre of its…… Continue reading Writing Talent from Cardiff University