Robin Reeves and Anna Lewis

All the submissions for the Robin Reeves Prize for Young Writers Competition have now been received and we’d like to thank everyone who sent in their stories and poems around the theme of adversity. The winner of the competition will be announced in September and an award ceremony will be held in November later this…… Continue reading Robin Reeves and Anna Lewis

The History of the National Eisteddfod of Wales

History of the Eisteddfod in Wales Held annually in the first week of August and alternating between North and South Wales host locations, the National Eisteddfod of Wales is a festival of literature, performance and music. Held entirely in the Welsh language, it recently celebrated its 150th anniversary of the modern day Nation Eisteddfod in…… Continue reading The History of the National Eisteddfod of Wales

Celebrating Seren Books

Based in Bridgend, Seren is an independent literary publisher which specialises in English-language writing from Wales. It was founded by Cary Archard, a then-English teacher from Bridgend, to publish the works of Poetry Wales from his kitchen table. The press briefly moved to Dannie Abse’s garage and also endured a brief stint in an abattoir…… Continue reading Celebrating Seren Books

Literature Wales: A History

Formerly the Academi, Literature Wales is a powerhouse of Welsh literary scene. Its manifestations are manifold. National literature agency. Society of writers. Publisher of two magazines (literary magazine Taliesin and listings magazine A470.) But whatever aspect is concentrated upon, Literature Wales always has the same goal in mind: the promotion of Welsh literature, in both…… Continue reading Literature Wales: A History

Dannie Abse – A Tribute

In the same week we celebrated National Poetry Day, we also sadly parted with one of Wales’ most talented writers – Dannie Abse, who passed away last Sunday, aged 91. As a young man, Abse started down a rather different career path; studying medicine at Cardiff University (then the University College of South Wales and…… Continue reading Dannie Abse – A Tribute

Celebrating Honno Press

Throughout the last few decades – and arguably centuries – Welsh writing has suffered a great deal of oversight, when it comes to recognition on the wider literary scene. Although much has long been recognised by both critics and readers of Welsh writing – as is the often case within groups of writers and artists…… Continue reading Celebrating Honno Press