The Spoken Word in Wales

Welsh Performance Poetry Performance poetry can be defined as spoken word which is intended to appeal to a live audience. With a current slant towards the US style events of ‘Slam Poetry’, it is an art form which is adaptable and fluid. Enjoying a particularly popular time, performance poetry is  gaining acceptance in the mainstream open mic…… Continue reading The Spoken Word in Wales

Festive Words

So, Christmas is almost upon us and we thought we’d stoke your festive spirit with some Welsh Christmas poems. There were many to chose from, but we decided on these austere and unconventional yet evocative and spiritual pieces from Rev. R S Thomas: Christmas There is a morning; Time brings it nearer, Brittle with frost And starlight.…… Continue reading Festive Words

Introducing the Welsh Writers’ Trust

The Welsh Writers’ Trust’s fundamental aim:  ‘To ensure that English language writing in Wales achieves its full potential as an influential force in contemporary literature.’ In the past 20 years, the Welsh Writers’ Trust has given out thousands of pounds helping to nurture both new and well-established English language writing talent in Wales. For ten…… Continue reading Introducing the Welsh Writers’ Trust