Writer Feature: Mab Jones

Welsh Writers Trust sat down with Mab Jones, writer and performer, and chatted to her about the residency she is doing at the Dylan Thomas Boathouse in Laugharne. You are doing a residency at the Dylan Thomas Boathouse, what does this residency entail? They have a few resident writers over the course of a year…… Continue reading Writer Feature: Mab Jones

The Dylan Thomas Bookbus

If you’ve been to Latitude, Festival No 6, Greeman, Laugharne Weekend, Do Not Go Gentle or quite a few other events recently, then there’s a chance that you came into contact with Dylans Mobile Bookstore. Headed by respected author and literary aficionado Jeff Towns (otherwise known as the ‘Dylan Thomas Guy’), publicised by Joe Towns and driven by…… Continue reading The Dylan Thomas Bookbus

A Short History of Poetry in Wales

Poetry is the lifeblood of Wales. It always has been. And while poetry in Wales has fluctuated, has had adapt to the many cultural, industrial, and linguistic shifts throughout its history; in these acts of survival it has also thrived. Originally of course, poetry in Wales was written in Welsh. Aneirin and Taliesin are among…… Continue reading A Short History of Poetry in Wales