Welsh Writer’s Trust Poem of the Month

Peace 75

Peace is found in the corners;
the fall of light on glass. The rattle
of sea on a stone. With a corner
we can think. Lean by a wall, feel the sun
on our faces, enjoy the pregnant nowness
of it all.

Peace doesn’t arrive with a fanfare, or
from beneath a magician’s cloth.
It comes by building corners, one by one,
invisible to begin with, insignificant even,
cementing slowly, solidly, until they are

Mark Blayney

Commended in the Welsh Centre for International Affairs ‘Peace75’ competition, for a poem of exactly 75 words.

mark blayney (2)

Mark Blayney is a writer and performer based in Cardiff, whose work spans comedy, fiction and poetry. He won the Somerset Maugham Prize for his novella Two Kinds of Silence and his second book of stories Conversations with Magic Stones was featured on BBC4’s The Book Show. He’s had his poems and stories published in various places such as Agenda, The London Magazine and The Interpreter’s House. Also, Mark is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

To find out more about Mark Blayney you can go on his website:  http://markblayney.weebly.com/


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