Celebrating Cinnamon Press


Cinnamon Press is a small, family-run press based in North Wales and was established in 1995. As an independent publisher, they aim to publish a large percentage from Welsh writers but also take on books from all over the world, including New Zealand, South Africa and China. They publish fiction, poetry and selective non-fiction and also run Envoi poetry magazine, now in its 51st year.

Initially founded by Jan Fortune but now run with Rowan B Fortune and Cottia Fortune-Wood, Cinnamon Press is the fastest growing small press in Wales and counts many established and emerging writers on its books, such as Wales Book of the Year Winner 2010, Philip Gross with his book I Spy Pinhole Eye which was a collaborative effort with Simon Denison based around the images produced by a pinhole camera.

The press also holds popular Creative Writing courses at Ty’n Y Coed, near Conway, and also offers mentorship schemes to those who have completed a degree in Creative Writing (at undergraduate or postgraduate level). You can find out more about these here.

Cinnamon Press holds poetry and short story debut competitions and hosts an imprint of the press called Liquorice Fish. Headed by Adam Craig, Liquorice Fish is a publishing platform for innovative, transgressive and vibrant writing, and is there to celebrate and enjoy what can often by overlooked by corporate authorship.

You can find out more about their current titles in their online shop  or follow them on Twitter to find out about their competitions, winners and upcoming titles.


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