Festive Words

So, Christmas is almost upon us and we thought we’d stoke your festive spirit with some Welsh Christmas poems. There were many to chose from, but we decided on these austere and unconventional yet evocative and spiritual pieces from Rev. R S Thomas:


There is a morning;
Time brings it nearer,
Brittle with frost
And starlight. The owls
In the parishes. The people rise
And walk to the churches’
Stone lanterns, there to kneel
And eat the new bread
Of love, washing it down
With the sharp taste
Of blood they will shed.


Christmas Eve! Five
hundred poets waited, pen
poised above paper,
for the poem to arrive,
bells ringing. It was because
the chimney was too small,
because they had ceased
to believe, the poem passed them
by on its way out
into oblivion, leaving
the doorstep bare
of all but the sky-rhyming
child to whom later
on they would teach prose.

David Barnes - Snow on the Welsh Hills
David Barnes – Snow on the Welsh Hills

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