Introducing the Welsh Writers’ Trust


The Welsh Writers’ Trust’s fundamental aim:  ‘To ensure that English language writing in Wales achieves its full potential as an influential force in contemporary literature.’

In the past 20 years, the Welsh Writers’ Trust has given out thousands of pounds helping to nurture both new and well-established English language writing talent in Wales.

For ten years the trust has acted as an umbrella for the John Morgan Travel Writing Award and among the notable beneficiaries were Nigel Jenkins for Gwalia in Khasia, Jon Gower (An Island Called Smith) and Patrick Dobbs (Here for a Month – An Ulster Journey).

The trust was also able to help fund the Harri Webb Poetry Prize, a memorial plaque to John Tripp in Whitchurch Library, and make a grant to Owen Sheers at the outset of his now highly successful career.

Grants have also been made to finance publications such as Cambrensis, The Works and, more recently, I Know Another Way, edited by Jon Gower as a tribute to the late Robin Reeves, the former European and Welsh affairs correspondent for the Financial Times. It was Robin who took over the chairmanship of the trust when John Morgan passed away in 1988. He went on to make The New Welsh Review a well-respected outlet  for literature.

In 2008 the Robin Reeves Prize for Young Writers was established to mark the Trust’s anniversary. Up and coming writer Anna Lewis won the £500 prize with her fresh and arresting poetry. In the same period, Peter Read was awarded £1,000 for a community play.

To help us pursue our aims, your support is solicited by the present trustees: Jean Henderson, former mayor of Taff Ely; Dr Eurwen Price, a retired academic and founder member of the Dylan Thomas Society of Great Britain; circuit judge Philip Richards; Gwynn Pritchard, once commissioning editor for Channel 4 and head of Welsh broadcasting at BBC Wales; Don Llewellyn, former HTV producer, director and writer; Dr Rosanne Reeves, a founder member of Honno Welsh Women’s Press; Clare Potter, a performance poet; Christina Thatcher, a professional writer, educator, and researcher.


One thought on “Introducing the Welsh Writers’ Trust

  1. This is a great find! I’m from North Wales and I’ve written a novel that I have just unleashed on the world. Well, only to three agents so far! It’s a relief to know that support is available for new Welsh writers.

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